1930s W1UJR Station Now Ready

Had a few minutes this morning to get Scott W9WFA’s old National NC-101X out of storage and onto the new 1930s station desk. I’ll be moving the other 101X over once the restoration is finished, but it’ll be on the workbench for a bit, so time to fire up something else.

Listening to 40 meter CW on the National NC-101X receiver with the green “magic eye” tuning indicator. Bands are pretty lousy this morning, much static.

Transmitter is a MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) built by amateur radio operator AB9ZG, modeled after one of the early Aero designs.

CW “Bug” (keying device for transmitter) is an early Vibroplex “Zephyr” model built in New York City. Believe this belonged to my Elmer Dick W2UJR. “Cans” (headphones) are vintage Brandes “Superior” model, built also in New York City in the late 1920s or early 30s.

Antenna is a traditional balanced feed line 160 meter dipole up about 50’, right on the coast.

Photos on wall are of a teenage ham radio operator from the 1930s who lived in Kennebunk, Maine. The other of some young radio hams from Syracuse, NY in a home built ham shack.

73 DE Bruce W1UJR