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Collins 75A-1 Receiver Restoration

The Cleaning, Restoration and Service of a Collins Time Capsule


The proper way and only real way to ship a radio by UPS and expect it to survive a coast to coast trip.


Serial #61, a nice early unit. From the Morgan & Son stamp, it looks like someone beat me to servicing this unit, nearly 60 years ago!




49 years worth of dust and dirt, a complete and nice receiver, but in needs of some cleaning.



A nice, original and modified cabinet, needs only a good cleaning.



Before and after photos of the left side of the receiver. I don’t go in for the overly done mirror polish look, instead I restore the units to the finish and appearance of a factory fresh unit.




A proper cleaning begins with the removal and inspection of all vacuum tubes. Then removal all sheet metal, IF can covers and other objects as time and patience allows. A combination of Windex, Simple Green and elbow grease can work wonders on even the most heavily dirty and stained chassis.



Removal of the front panel, knobs and switches to properly clean and access front of the chassis. This allow allows replacement of a bad or discolored KC dial, and lubrication of all controls and switches.




I think that you will agree that the final results are worth the effort! The previous owner added the IF jack on the rear panel, keeping with my desire to recreate the station, and for reasons of authenticity, I have left the jack both functional and intact.


A real Collins classic, the 75A-1 receiver at work on 75 meters!