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Gross Coil Labels

Gross Radio Coil Set Labels

Thanks to the efforts of my friend Paul Marko at Download Design in
Buffalo, NY, I’ve been able to reproduce the labels which Gross used on their coil sets.

These labels were apparently applied after the coil set had passed testing,
and the band coverage of the coil was noted on the white space. A letter suffix,
“F’ for final, “B” for buffer, or “X” for the crystal (xtal) oscillator stage was noted
after the band number. For example, an “80 F” would be a 80 meter coil for use
in the final stage of the transmitter. Likewise a “40 X” would be a coil set
used in the xtal oscillator stage. The coil designation seems, on my coil sets,
to be notated on the tag with a pencil.

You can download a complete 8″ x 11″ jpg file, which can be printed out on an Avery label sheet,
readily available at most office supply stores. Or, if you need just one label, you can simply cut
and paste the single image found here.

Click here to download the full size jpg of the label set –>> Gross Coil Labels.